What is a Wellness Champion?

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A Wellness Champion is a member of your team who promotes wellness among their colleagues. Much like you have first aiders to help when people have an accident or become physically ill, Wellness Champions support people’s mental wellbeing and help you build and maintain a culture of workplace wellness.

Who Can Be A Wellness Champion? 

Wellness Champions do not have to be experts in health and wellbeing, but they do need to have a passion for it. They can come from any level in your organization as they do not need to be a senior member of staff. All they need is the motivation to take on the role.

How The Wellness Champion Program Works: 

Our wellness program will train your designated members of staff in how to carry out the role of wellness champion. The overall aim is to encourage everyone in your organization to think about their wellbeing and make the most of the support and services you provide. Ultimately this will lead to better performance across the board.

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