Take A Load Off: Dinner Time Solutions for a Calm Mind

Take a load off

Returning to the workplace after 2 years at home can be overwhelming. How do you fit in dinner preparation for the family, house cleaning, caring for your loved ones, and your other commitments? 

A Meal Kit delivery service is one way to reduce daily decision-making, free up time spent shopping,and bring family back to the table.  Here are a few meal kit solutions that are vetted and approved by our resident nutritionist, Chef Barb Sheldon, MA: 

A Meal Kit delivery service is one way to reduce daily decision-making

Sunday Prep Day! If you do cook at home, Chef Barb says start including a meal prep day into your routine: 

“On a Sunday morning, I like to spend a couple hours making just a few components that I can use in different ways all week. I’ll throw a one-pot meal on, like a soup or a curry, and while that is cooking, I’ll chop fresh veggies, hard boil some eggs, and make a dip. That way, when the busy week rolls around again I always have something to reach for!” 

Ask for Help: Like anything, many hands make light work. If you are looking to do some cooking and you live with other people, make it a group effort. Even very young ones can peel potatoes, wash vegetables and set the table. This also creates warm kitchen memories that go a long way to easing daily stress .