What Brings You Joy at Christmas?


We asked our team to share what brings them joy at Christmas, here are some of their personal sharings!

Jennie Boardman – Commercial Director, Global Operations

“Nature! I feel so privileged to live in a place where it is so easy to connect with Nature, the happiest version of Jennie is always found at the top of the mountain with my mini-hiking buddy and forever faithful hound by our sides.”

Mike Smith, Director

“A beautiful sky, light shining magically and it costs nothing but taking a few minutes to enjoy and relish life.”

Justine Withey, Business Support Manager

“This is my horse – dressed up for the time of year!!”

Anya Baillie, Business Development Executive

“My family, Haze and Russ and my lovely animals. Here is a picture of Haze”

Hilary Stevenson, Lead Development Consultant

“This is a picture of Jack, Ellie and Toby. Jack and Toby came to join our family from a rescue centre in March. I can’t imagine life without them. They are the most loving little boys and it has been so rewarding to give two elderly dogs a home.”

Pauline Mei Ling Williams, Director

“For me, spending time with family (especially my dearest Mum), friends and colleagues brings me joy, as well as, singing in the choir every week – Christmas being my most favourite time of the year, seeing everyone reunited with their loved ones and catching up with each other; the smiles on their faces brings joy). I am also thankful for this vibrant, dynamic and energic city of Hong Kong, that I have called my home for the past 28 years”

Emma Johnson, Global Account Manager

“My Joy, Love, Passion, Happy Place in Life. An uninhabited tiny tropical island off the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, peace, tranquillity, natural surroundings. As it’s now so cold in London, this is my go-to photo to warm my heart.”

Hannah Whitten, Global Account Executive

“Here´s a photo of what brings me (mostly) joy every day! My 2, almost 3 years old toddler – Noah James.
I remember being younger and thinking what life will be like once I have kids.  For some reason, I always wanted a boy first.. and, as God would have it, that´s exactly what I got.  He´s my absolute world and my reason to get out of bed every day.  The reason to be the best version of me I can be, all for him.”

Pete Marchica, Account Executive

“Playing music, and going on hikes with the family – they’re both my greatest loves.”

Barbara Sheldon, Head of Wellness

“Food! Cooking it, eating it, teaching about it,  sharing it with my community. I am keenly aware that access to food this year is difficult for many, now, more than ever. With every bite, I try to remember to be in a place of gratitude for the food I have, how it nourishes me, and how it brings me to the present moment and joy!”

Laura Holdsworth, HR Specialist

“Sunset walks by the sea, sports and this smart furry boy (Boris).”

Paul Parisi, Account Director

“Spending time with family and dear friends and enjoying all the beauty of Christmas”

Gabrielle Ramsay-Smith, Director

“What brings me joy is working with such a talented, passionate and caring global team of professionals that operate in a very human way”

Rachel Wright, Head of Recruitment

“Joy to me are my dogs!”