Hong Kong HR – Salary Survey


Welcome to the Atrium HR Consulting annual review of salaries for HR professionals in Hong Kong.

The hiring of HR positions over the last year has remained stable with companies continuing to invest in human resource functions.

In addition, with organizations realizing an increased value in HR as a key contributor to overall strategic objectives, there has been an increase in the utilization of external HR service providers.

This increase desire for consultancy and outsourced HR facilities has placed greater demand for the recruitment of personnel with a range of HR related qualifications and experience and helped drive a consistent increase in the salaries for HR professionals.

The Atrium HR salary review has found that an overall increase of between 3% and 10% has been realized across the spectrum of HR professionals with those specializing in talent management and development along with the most senior HR roles (Director and above) seeing the highest gains up to 20%.

Atrium HR Consulting Salary Survey – HKD Basic Salaries per month

$125k+ HR VP / Head
$75k – $120k HR Director
$60k – $80k Senior HR Manager
$45k – $70k HR Manager
$35k – $50k Assistant HR Manager
$30 – $40k HR Senior Officer
$15k – $30k HR Officer / Assistant
$76k+ Talent Acquisition Head
$45k – $80k Talent Acquisition Manager
$20k – $45k Talent Acquisition Specialist
$75k – $120k Organisational Development Head
$66k – $120k Learning & Development Director
$45k – $65k Learning & Development Training Manager
$30k – $45k Learning & Development Assistant Manager
$31k – $45k Learning & Development Senior Officer
$15k – $30k Learning & Development Officer
$76k – $100k Compensation and Benefits Director
$40k – $75k Compensation and Benefits Manager
$31k – $40k Compensation and Benefits Assistant Manager
$20k – $30k Compensation and Benefits Specialist