London HR – Salary Survey


Welcome to the Atrium HR Consulting annual review of salaries for HR professionals in London.

Contrary to overall employment trends in London, the hiring of HR positions over the last year has remained strong in London with companies continuing to invest in human resource functions.

Whilst this remains true across the entire discipline, it is HR specialists that have enjoyed the greatest increases in demand and in turn their salaries.

These specialist functions and roles are being recognized as having greater strategic importance to the achievement of overall corporate objectives and organisations are placing a premium on finding the right talent that possess both the right skills, experience and qualifications.

The Atrium HR salary review has found that an overall increase of between 5% and 10% has been realized across the spectrum of HR professionals with those specializing in talent management and development along with the most senior HR roles (Director and above) seeing the highest gains up to 15%.

Atrium HR Consulting Salary Survey (London) – GBP Basic Salaries per annum

HR Generalist
Head of HR / HR Director 80,000-180,000
Senior HR Business Partner/ HR Manager 70,000-120,000
HR Business Partner / HR Manager 60,000-90,000
HR Advisor 40,000-55,000
HR Officer 35,000-50,000
HR Administrator 25,000-40,000
Learning & Development
Head of Learning & Development 90,000-140,000
Learning & Development Manager 50,000-80,000
Learning & Development Advisor 35,000-55,000
Learning & Development Coordinator 25,000-40,000
Head of Compensation & Benefits / Reward 90,000-140,000
Compensation & Benefits / Reward Manager 60,000-90,000
Compensation & Benefits / Reward Analyst 40,000-60,000
Compensation & Benefits / Reward Administrator 25,000-35,000
Employment Relations
Employee Relations Specialist / Manager 65,000-90,000
Head of Recruitment 90,000-140,000
Recruitment Manager 60,000-80,000
Experienced Hire / Graduate Recruiter 40,000-60,000
Recruitment Coordinator 25,000-35,000
Organisational Design Specialist 85,000-140,000
HR Project Manager 50,000-85,000
HR Project Analyst 40,000-55,000
HR Project Support 30,000-45,000