Four Leadership Tips to Foster Better Mental Well-being at Work


A Case study from POINT3 Wellbeing has revealed over 34% of British workers are experiencing poor well-being at work! Here are four steps your business can take to boost well-being.

Promoting Psychological Safety and Vulnerability

To achieve cultural change, a successful approach requires both top-down and bottom-up efforts. Every individual has a role to play, but it all begins with leaders and managers setting an example and exhibiting the desired behaviours.

According to Daniel Coyle, author of “The Culture Code,” psychological safety is the most crucial element in fostering a high-performance workplace culture. It entails creating an environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking questions, and exploring new possibilities without the fear of harsh judgment for making mistakes. This, in turn, fosters a culture of vulnerability, which is the second key ingredient for achieving high performance. Embracing honesty and openness, particularly when facing challenges or lacking solutions, encourages the recognition that vulnerability can be seen as valuable data sharing, benefiting both the team and the organization.

Cultivating a Culture of Emotional Intelligence

It is essential to acknowledge that burnout often arises from a disconnect between employees and their relationship with work and management. Therefore, the journey begins with leaders and managers enhancing their emotional intelligence (EQ). Exceptional leaders and managers possess high EQ and are enthusiastic about developing their teams to reach their full potential, understanding that their own success is derived from coaching others to succeed. Research indicates that only 14% of employees feel comfortable discussing their stress levels with their managers, highlighting a significant opportunity for organizations to bridge this gap. By equipping managers with EQ skills, organizations can make substantial progress in addressing their business challenges. The positive effects of this investment will extend far beyond the managerial level.

Clarity, Purpose, and Community

When individuals feel connected to the overarching mission and a sense of community within their workplace, they experience a profound sense of purpose and belonging. By clearly understanding how their contributions align with the mission, employees can grasp their individual and team priorities, feeling valued, cared for, and more in control. Additionally, when employees have positive relationships with their colleagues, they perceive greater support and a deeper sense of belonging. In response to the question “How supported do you feel by your team?”, the average score was 7.7 out of 10, with 59% rating 8 or higher and 20% scoring 6 or below. All of these factors contribute to preventing burnout, even when the perceived workload seems overwhelming.

Secure a Top Class Wellness Support Package

To ensure psychological wellbeing at work, it is paramount that all employees are given easy access to mental health and wellbeing professionals. Atrium HR Consulting offers a Corporate Wellness Package that guarantees your employees have 24-hour a day remote access to wellness professionals.

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