Your Hormones and Sleep


Guess what? Most of us don’t sleep well. While supplements that contain the sleep hormone melatonin are on the market, there are disputed studies as to how well they work and if they interfere with other hormone signaling in your body. The best bet? Stimulate your own melatonin! Here are a few tips for better sleep and better hormone balance during the dark hours: 

Establish a routine:

Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day.

Sync your Circadian rhythm:

Set the cycle in the morning with exposure to natural daylight from the sun as it rises, and block blue light (screens, overhead lights, etc) after 8 pm; this tells your body when to produce its own melatonin.

Avoid stimulants:

8–10 hours before bed, and avoid alcohol in the evening.

Supportive environment:

A cool, dark room. Use a sleep mask, understand your breathing issues and whether you need support, such as a snore appliance, humidify the air and stay cool.


Look into other supplements such as Magnesium and L-Theanine that support natural relaxation.

Seek Support:

There are many fantastic experts in the online world that offer great, research-backed sleep advice. Ask your Atrium counsellor or health practitioner and make sleep hygiene (the practice of actively engaging in rest before bedtime)  a priority in your life!