How to feel fab after Christmas

How to feel fab after Christmas

Atrium’s 10 tips to help you feel fab after Christmas

Stats show that average weight gain over the silly season is at least half a kilogram (1lb) which doesn’t sound much but it’s a devil to lose. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy the Christmas guilt free and without piling on the pounds or running out of steam?

The good news is, we think you can, without missing out.  If you follow just a few of these tips, you could come out the other side of the festive season feeling fantastic, relaxed and with great memories.

Christmas tip no.1: Ditch the diet

Dieting, calorie counting, abstaining and generally beating yourself up every time you reach for the chocolate only makes you want it more. Don’t be so hard on yourself, have a little of what you fancy and you won’t feel so deprived or desperate to indulge.

Christmas tip no.2: Designated driver

Cabs are like gold dust and cost just as much over Christmas and the New Year, so why not score some brownie points, whilst cutting calories and keeping a clear head, by offering to be the designated driver. Everyone will thank you for it and so will your liver.

Christmas tip no.3: Eat before you go out

Have a small bowl of porridge before you go out, not very Christmassy or exciting but extremely filling and healthy. You could even add some all spice to pep it up (see tip no. 8). It may seem strange but if you’re not hungry you won’t overeat, graze or go back for seconds, you’ll be glad in the morning.

Christmas tip no. 4: Laugh till your sides ache

If you’re laughing you’re burning calories – how great is that! Who knew that good company, silly hats, old comedies and bad jokes could help you look and feel fabulous.

Christmas tip no.5: Keep moving

Just because it’s the holidays, there’s no reason not to make the most of your free time by getting out and about. If you want to give the gym a miss, you could boost your metabolism by dancing along to all of those cheesy Christmas hits. Short bursts of exercise, whether dancing, lunges or squats are much better than doing nothing at all.

Christmas tip no.6. Charcoal

Forget about Santa giving naughty children a lump of coal, charcoal as in ‘black food’ is the latest nutritional trend. Adding activated charcoal to recipes, be it ice cream, pizzas or cocktails, is a super detoxifier, which works by preventing toxins from being absorbed into the body. Here’s some more info about charcoal’s health benefits.

Christmas tip no.7: Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Already loved by celebs, intermittent fasting is set to become the next big thing in weight loss for health-conscious folks in 2018. There are 5 different methods, so there should be one that can work for you… such as the ‘eat-stop-eat’ version which could work around Christmas time. Check out your options here:

Christmas tip no.8: Spice it up

Apart from the usual cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, have you thought about spicing up your festive food?  You could slip some spices in to your stuffing or turmeric on your tatties. Well known for their antioxidant properties and for promoting a healthy gut, spices are a fantastic way to add flavour and colour without the calories.

Christmas tip no. 9: Fermented Foods

One of the key health trends in 2018 will be fermented food. Fermenting not only increases nutritional value, it’s probiotic properties are key in balancing bacteria in your gut. What better way to get started than sneaking some healthy fermented veggies such as sauerkraut in to your Christmas menu.  Find out more here

Christmas tip no. 10: Digital Detox

Have you considered spending time unplugged over Christmas, no social media, mobiles and emails? Constant access to online devices means never switching off from work and stress. It may seem like a drastic step, but unplugging can reduce anxiety and allow a better night’s sleep.

Good luck and have a fantastic Christmas!