The Four Factors to Happiness at Work


This ground-breaking research study, performed by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a deep examination into Valcon, one of the world’s happiest companies. The study has tracked and assessed many factors that contribute to happiness in the workplace. Read on to find out the Four Factors that distinguished the happiest people at this company from the least happiest and start employing their findings at your workplace today!

The four factors that distinguish those who are happiest at the company from those
who are least happy are (in order of importance):

  1. Stress
  2. Social relations
  3. Job Satisfaction
  4. Self-esteem

The participants are a diverse group of employees, and different subgroups have different average happiness levels. Most noticeably:

  • Men are happier than women
  • Younger employees are happier than older employees
  • People with a partner or children are happier than those who are single
  • The third year of employment at the company is the unhappiest year for employees
  • No matter their age or any other condition of life

The largest driver of unhappiness is stress and the one the company has focused the most on mitigating. One in five participants in the study reports high stress levels. Interventions have been implemented and are aimed at educating both managers and employees in spotting and addressing stress in the daily working routine.

One good friend is more important for happiness than ten acquaintances. It is the quality of social relations that promotes happiness and not the amount of time or the frequency spent with friends and family.

Happiness levels have been relatively stable during the first 6 months of surveys:

  • 34% of the participants have become happier over the course of the Happiness Lab.
  • 29% have become less happy during the same period of time.
  • The remaining 37% have maintained the same happiness level they had at the beginning of the study.

This article was sourced from the THE VALCON HAPPINESS LAB report.