Food For Thought: Rest and Digest


By Barb Sheldon, MA Atrium’s Head of Wellness

Tips For Rest Through Better Digestion

Think about how sleepy you feel after you overindulge at a holiday meal. Digesting takes more energy than almost everything else we do! If we do not allow ourselves time and the proper fuel so digestion can happen with ease, body processes are disturbed, sleep is disrupted, and energy decreases. Your gut health is key to feeling rested and recharged! 

Tips for digestive ease: 

  • Begin the day with water with a squeeze of lemon. This simple tip will help encourage the entire digestive process to work correctly by stimulating the correct amounts of hydrochloric acid and enzymes in your gut.
  • Consider a broad spectrum probiotic to repopulate your gut microbiome with the organisms it needs to digest and absorb food.
  • Chew well, and almost to liquid, as often as you can.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully, allowing your adrenaline to decrease and your body to feel safe when digesting. 
  • Give yourself 5-10 minutes after a meal before you move around.
  • Try a simple digestive tonic after a meal like ginger with honey and cinnamon, or peppermint tisane.

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