Atrium launches the first telephysiotherapy service for corporate global wellness clients

Atrium HR

Atrium HR Consulting has cemented its place as the most innovative Employee Benefits services provider by introducing telephysiotherapy as the latest addition to the company’s repertoire.

As a specialist in managing globally mobile employees, remotely located and expatriate work forces, telephysiotherapy was the next logical step. The service is designed to give globally mobile staff acces to the benefits of remote physiotherapy, no matter where they are located around the world. If you are looking for comprehensive global wellness programs, including telephysiotherapy, you can find more details here.

Atrium’s goal is to constantly offer new initiatives that will improve staff welfare, morale and ultimately productivity. The introduction of telephysiotherapy gives employers access to a tried and tested tool that allows globally mobile employees to manage a wide range of physical problems or injuries – remotely.

Telephysiotherapy is a simple yet brilliant idea which has been used by the NHS (in the UK) as an alternative to conventional rehabilitation for more than 10 years. It allows patients to be assessed, receive advice and treatment programs, without the need to physically attend a clinic.  The assessments, exercise programs and follow up calls are provided by fully qualified physicians via a video call.

The service is made possible by using ‘PhysiApp’, state-of the art technology that tracks the patients’ progress and provides real time feedback, so that the correct assessments and support can be provided based on clear data. The Journal of Physiotherapy has undertaken studies showing the effectiveness of using an app with remote support to help achieve better adherence to home exercise schemes.

Gabrielle Ramsay-Smith, Director, Atrium HR Consulting said: “Global mobility has increased significantly in recent years with most people on the move and working overseas having access to the latest technology and high-speed internet connections. Our new telephysiotherapy service will ensure that globally mobile employees get the important physiotherapy treatment they need whilst living overseas and on the move.”

Atrium HR Consulting’s Global Wellness service currently comprises four packages, including EAP, wellness support, coaching and telephysiotherapy. Using these services is beneficial to both the company and its employees, resulting in increased employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, enhanced performance, less stress, savings on medical bills, lower staff turnover, more attractive recruitment and unrestricted remote access to support networks.

Today, Atrium works with companies across 180 countries, and is the only HR company to fully embrace online technology to deliver comprehensive remote wellness and coaching services, 24 hours a day, all over the world.