Elementary Teacher – Africa

Posted 3 months ago
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Elementary Teacher (Africa)

Our client is an international, college-preparatory school based in Africa.  They are seeking an Elementary Teacher to join their team.

The Elementary Teacher will plan, organize and implement an approved curriculum.

Role Purpose:

  • The successful applicant will utilize differentiated instruction and varied teaching techniques to create an environment of student-centered learning that follows a North American curriculum. S/he should be passionate about the subject they teach, their students, and their job.

Role Profile

Role Title:  Elementary Teacher
Role Location: Africa


  • Foster interdisciplinary learning, teaching, and instruction according to North American curriculum standards, and the educational needs and abilities of individuals and groups of students
  • Integrate Christian worldview into course activities and assessments
  • Create a classroom culture that is welcoming, positive, and rigorous
  • Plan, prepare, and teach lessons, promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students and groups of students
  • Communicate, cooperate, and consult with school staff, and parents/guardians in the students’ best interest
  • Build knowledge by participating in professional development seminars
  • Create content units using the Understanding by Design framework
  • Mentor and disciple students in their journey of faith

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities 

  • Provide instruction in the appropriate curricular area(s) as assigned by the assistant director and/or principal
  1. Clearly communicate student expectations for behavior, homework, and assessment
  2. Develop lesson plans consistent with the assigned curriculum and that required higher level thinking skills
  3. Integrate Christian worldview into course activities and assessments
  4. Use effective, learner-centered instructional methods to meet the needs of each student in the class
  5. Give homework assignments for review, practice, and/or enrichment
  6. Design authentic assessments that require students to perform the competencies in the assigned curriculum
  7. Evaluate and return assignments to students promptly
  8. Maintain a positive learning environment
  9. Design and implement assessments that measure progress towards academic standards
  10. Use assessment data to refine inform instructional practices
  11. Communicate effectively with students, families and colleagues. 
  • Maintain student records
  1. Record attendance and tardies
  2. Keep record of student behavior reports
  3. Record grades
  • Update curriculum
  1. Develop curriculum for new courses in your curricular area
  2. Regularly evaluate curriculum based on student performance
  3. Revise as necessary
  4. Update curriculum files with curriculum coordinator 
  • Develop professional skills
  1. Maintain certification(s)
  2. Stay up-to-date on current research in your content area and on student learning
  3. Develop professional and personal goals
  4. Work to meet goals
  5. Strive for continual improvement 
  6. View feedback as a tool to improve and grow in all teacher responsibilities
  • Participate on staff committees
  1. Attend faculty meetings
  2. Attend faculty devotions
  3. Participate in departmental meetings
  1.   Other duties as assigned


  • Preferred Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • State Teacher’s Certificate
    • ACSI Certification

    Preferred Skills

    • Communicates clearly
    • Works efficiently
    • Accepts responsibility
    • Maintains confidentiality

    Maintains a positive attitude and has a heart for student ministry

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